Instander settings

New users need to know about Instander settings, options, and features. 

Instander settings the Instander menu or Instander features are very important after downloading and installing the Instander app. Many users are facing issues while using Instander APK. 

In this detailed guideline, I will explain A to Z Instander settings, Instander features, and options.

Using Instander APK is so easy due to its user-friendly interface. But new users don’t know about some options like, how to disable ads, how to disable video auto-play option, and much more. So don’t worry i am here to help you and to solve all your problems related to the Instander app.

After the downloading and installation process, create your account. Creating an Instander account is the same as having an Instagram account. Select a username, password, date of birth, email, and phone number( phone number is optional ), and select your profile picture, with these steps, you can create your account.

What is an Instander Settings?

Before using Instander settings, create your account in the Instander app. As above I discuss the process of creating an account. After creating an account, open your app, go to the last option (Your profile ), open it > there at the top of the right corner you will see 3 lines, click on that > there you will see 9 options:

In these options, there are more settings and options. These options are important for users to use the Instander app in the best way.

Here I will discuss these 9 main menu options in full detail.

Option 1: Instander settings

In this option, there are 10 more options, which are:

Option 2: Settings :

In settings, there are :

Use these options according to which option you want to disable or enable.

Option 3: Your Activity:

As we can recognize this option from its name, in the Your Activity option you can your history/interactions, your >:

Removed and archived content

Content you shared

Suggested content

How you use Instagram

Information you shared with Instagram

Option 4: Archive

In this, you can watch your stories, the story uploaded date, and its location.

Option 5: QR Code:

At this option, you can scan other user profiles and you can follow it with scanning. This is the same scanning an wifi, or in Zapya.

Option 6: Saved:

Your all saved posts, videos, reels, photos, etc are saved in this option.

Option 7: Orders and Payments:

In this option, your recent activity is present like:

Option 8: Close friends:

In this option, you can follow users and make close friends in the Instander App. Just select or search, the profile that you want to make as a close friend.

Option 9: Favorites:

In this last option, all your favorite accounts are present.

So these are the all settings of the Instander APK. Using the Instander app is so easy, because of its user-friendly interface, so with the help of my article, you will be able to know A to Z about the Instander app. 

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