Clone Introduction:

As we know Instander APK has two main apps/versions, one called clone and 2nd called unclone.

Here we will discuss the clone in detail.


This is defined as “ Instander Clone is an android app which comes with different package names (Clone “com. Insta. android. We can install this app in the presence of the Instagram app without facing any problem/error. I am using these two apps (Instagram+clone Instander) right now. This means you can install two Insta apps on one Android device.

Version Information:


NameInstander Clone APK
Size54 MB
CPU architectureARM64-V8A
Updated on10 days ago


Versions of Clone Instander and modifications in it:

Instander APK Clone

Instander v17.2

Instander v17.1

Instander v17.0

Instander v16.0

Instander v16.0  Beta 1.0


Instander v16.0  Beta 2.0


Instander v16.0  Beta 3.0


Instander v16.0 Beta 3.1


Instander v15.4

Instander v15.3

Instander v15.2

Instander v15.1

Instander v15.0

Instander v14.1

Instander v14.0

Instander v13.1

Instander v12.0

Instander v11.0

From here you can just download Instander v17.2, to download Instander all versions one by one please press on more.

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