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Like Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, and YouTube, Instagram is also a famous social media platform around the world. About 1.5 billion people are using Instagram in the current year. Due to more popularity in people, developers developed different versions of Instagram more than 40 versions of Instagram are present at the current time. One main and most used version is Instander APK v17.1.

Some famous and common versions of Instagram are:

These versions provide amazing and extra features than the official Instagram app.

What is Instander APK v17.1?

Instander is an alternative of Instagarm. The Instander app has additional options, functions, and features that make using Instagram more powerful and attractive for users.

Instander is a modded version of the Instagram app.

In other words, Instander is Instamod which allows their users to download videos, photos, reels, IGTV, and much more. Also includes features like copying bio, comments, and descriptions.

Instander has two main versions, one called Clone and another one called Unclone. Instander APK v17.1 is a Clone version.  

The main difference between these two versions is that: 

Clone Instander APK:

In the clone version, we can download the Instander APK in the presence of the original Instagram app on our device.

Examples of clone versions are:

Unclone Instander APK:

In this version, we can’t download the Instander APK unless we uninstall the original Instagram app.

Examples of Unclone versions are:

V17.1 App Information:

App NameInstander APK
Size40 MB
Requirements4.1 +
Total Downloads2,000,000,00+
MOD FeaturesUnlimited
Updated on3 January 2024

What’s New In v17.1 Instander?

What is an Instander APK?

Instander is a third-party application that allows users to download media, save photos, reels, IGTV, and much more. In this APK, users can create profiles like an official Instagram app. They have a similar user interface to Instagram. Users can upload profile pictures and can edit their profiles like Instagram. From here we can download HD-quality videos and photos.

Official Instagram apps have so many strict rules and restrictions, but Instander is user-friendly and doesn’t have any such restrictions and rules. This is an ad-free app, which is one of my favorite features while using this app. I use Instander APK as an alternative to Instagram because of the Ad-free platform. Also, this is a free app, users can use it without paying any money. 

Additionally, we can watch any user profile or story without any notifications or information to that user. We can hide stories and messages. We can see other users’ DM’s ( Document Management System ), without a blue tick. We can customize themes and fonts while using this app. Users also can turn off the video Auto-play option. Due to these features, users of Instander APK increase day by day.

Note: Keep in mind that always download third-party apps from trusted websites, so don’t worry, download this APK from with  100% security and privacy.

Download v17.1 for FREE

Features of Instander APK

Download Videos and Photos: 

With the help of this APK, users can download videos and photos from any user’s profile in full HD quality. Also can download reels and much more for free.

Ads-free Platform:

Personally, before using Instander, when I was using Instagram while scrolling my Instagram feed there were always more ad/sponsored posts than users’ posts. But now I have an ads-free feed while using this app. In Instander settings, we can turn off/disable the ads option in the privacy option.

Quality Improvements:

 With these features, users can improve the quality of stories, reels, IGTV, and photos.

Ghost Mode:

In ghost mode, there are 4 options:

So use these options according to your needs and requirements.

Like photo by Double tap:

With this feature, we can like any user’s photos or posts with just double tap on it. Go to your Instander settings > open it > scroll down to Gestures option > open it > There you will see the option “ Like photo by double tap” > make the toggle on.

Feed & Stories:

In this feature, we can turn off the video auto-play option. Go to your Instander Settings, scroll down to feed & stories > open it > there the 2nd option is Auto-play video. Also, you can turn on the option of 60-second stories to upload 60-second stories.

Get Blue Tick:

Instander users can get a blue tick badge, without fulfilling the criteria for it. Instander every user can get the verification badge very easily for their profile. But this badge will be only visible to Instander users.

User-friendly Interface:

One main thing about this APK is that it is a very simple and easy user interface. New users can easily understand all the options and features of this app. All the options are very clear and exist to the point for the user.

Requirements for Instander APK v17.1:


So the final words will be, that Instander APK v17.1 is a modded version of the Instagram app and can be used as an alternative for Instagram. They have some amazing features like downloading videos, photos, IGTV, reels, and many more which the official Instagram app doesn’t allow for their users. This app provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to use and easy to understand especially for new users.

As we discussed above in our article, Instander APK v17.1 is a clone version. So we can download and install this version in the presence of the official app.

Always download third-party apps from trusted websites, like ( We always provide original, safe, and secure apps for our visitors.

So download this APK and enjoy your social media platform ( Instagram ) with some new and amazing features.

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