Instander APK for PC v16.0

Are you tired of being restricted to just your mobile device when using the Instagram app? Well, we have the perfect solution for you in this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to easily download and install Instander APK for PC. Say goodbye to limited screen space and hello to a whole new level of convenience. So let’s dive right in and get started with transforming your PC into the ultimate platform for exploring all that Instander has to offer!

Introduction to Instander APK

Instander APK is a popular modified version of the Instagram app that offers users a variety of exciting features not available on the official app. It has gained popularity among Instagram users for its enhanced privacy and customization options, making it a top choice for those looking to enhance their social media experience.

APK NameInstander For PC
Size53 MB
Downloads200, 000 +
Mod FeaturesUnlimited
Updated On6 Days ago

Key Features of this Version:

About Instander For PC

Android and iPhone users also want to Download and Install Instander for PC. The Instander app is free and has many advanced features that make using Instagram more enjoyable. Features like Blocking Ads, Viewing user profile pictures in full size, and Seeing messages without knowing the users, Instanders have all the availabilities.

Also, you can download videos and photos from here. Users are also able to upload 60-second stories. Using this app is so easy for new users because the user interface is so clear and easy to use, there are no complicated menus or confusing settings.

Using third-party apps like Instander, users worry about their privacy and security. But here I am going to provide you 100% secure and safe app that you can trust and don’t worry about your data.

So don’t wait any longer download Instander and enjoy your Instagram with additional features.

Key Features of Instander APK

Instander for PC can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store, but you can also download this version from our website with the presence of limitless features.

Feed & stories:

Share fleeting moments with creative features and a visually appealing, swipe-friendly format.

Night Mode:

For those who prefer using apps in dark mode for better eye comfort at night or low light settings, Instander APK offers a sleek night mode option that transforms your interface into a darker tone.

Story Saver: 

Want to save someone’s story without them knowing? Download Instander APK which allows you to save stories anonymously revealing your identity.

Improved security:

As with any third-party app download, security may be a concern for some users. However, by downloading Instander APK from trusted sources like our website ( ), you can rest assured that your personal information is safe and secure.

FREE Download:

Unlike some other third-party Instagram apps that require payments, the Instander app is completely free to download & use. This makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of budget constraints.

Download Videos + Photos:

I like Imran Khan’s videos, watching his videos is my daily routine on Instagram. I always want to download his videos into my Gallery, but I can’t do it in the official app.

Now I am using my favorite app (Instander app), and now I can download all my favorite videos onto my device, and I also can save posts of my favorite celebrities.

Copy Comments & Bio:

Instander allows their users to copy comments and bios from other users’ profiles. You can copy comments and bios from photos, reels, and videos from your favorite celebrities on Instagram. Only press and hold the comment or bio that you want to copy, you will see the copy button.

View Full Profile Picture:

Using Instagram we can’t see the user profile picture in full size. Thanks to Instander which makes it easier to recognize someone’s profile easily while seeing the profile picture in full size.


When you open your Instagram feed, you will see more Ads other than original posts. Using the Instander app we can turn off/disable the Ads option.

How to Download and Install Instander For PC?

To download Instander APK Into Your PC follow the below instructions:

Step 1:

Check System Requirements > Before you begin the downloading process, it’s important to make sure that your computer meets the system requirements for Instander APK. The minimum requirements include a Windows 7 or higher operating system and at least 4GB of RAM. It’s also recommended to have a good internet connection for a smooth downloading process.

Step 2:

Find A Trusted Source Of APK > (

Step 3:

Enable Unknown source

Step 4:

Download the APK File

Step 5:

Transfer the APK File to your PC

Step 6:

Install an Android Emulator > ( Bluestacks or Nox player)

Step 7:

Install Instander APK

Step 8:

Set Up Instander APK

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and Installed Instander APK on your PC.

Settings up the app & Customizing

This is an important step to ensure that you have the best user experience with Instander APK on your PC. 

Step 1:

Downloading and Installing Instander app

Step 2:

Signing in or creating an Account ( “Sign in” or Create New Account )

Step 3:

Setting Up Profile Information ( click > profile > upload profile picture, add a bio, etc )

Step 4:

Customizing App Settings ( click > menu > then select > SETTINGS > Notifications or Privacy )

Step 5:

Managing Notifications

Step 6:

Adjusting Privacy Options

Step 7:

Changing Language preferences

Requirements for Instander APK TO Download and Install For PC:

Download Instander APK For PC v16.0


With the help of all the above decisions and information, you are now able to download Instander APK For PC. Enjoy all the amazing features this app offers right from the comfort of your computer.

With the Instander app, you can now access all your favorite Instagram features on a larger screen. Whether it’s scrolling through your feed, uploading pictures and videos, or chatting with friends, everything becomes much more convenient and enjoyable when using Instander APK on your PC.

One of the advantages of using the Instander app on your PC is that it allows for a smoother and faster browsing experience compared to using it on a mobile device. This is especially beneficial for those who use Instagram for business purposes or those who are heavy users of the app.

So following these step-by-step guides, you can easily install and download Instander APK on your PC in just a few simple steps. Say goodbye to limited functionalities and say hello to an enhanced Instagram experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Srat Enjoying the full potential of Instander APK Today! 

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