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Overview :

Even if the app is entertaining, several restrictions prevent users from fully utilizing their social experience. Unfortunately, these functions aren’t present in the original version. Even so, little upgrades like the ability to download media files or remove intrusive advertisements might greatly enhance this platform. An amazing example of a modified version that allows you total control over the features you want is the Instander iOS emoji app.

As everyone is aware, Instagram is among the most potent social media sites, linking individuals, groups, and companies around the globe and making the entire world seem small. You may talk to your pals or even make new ones without exerting much effort. You have countless alternatives with this platform since companies use it to market their services globally for both financial and political gain, in addition to being used for socializing.

What is an Instander iOS emoji APK?

One of the most exciting features of Instander APK is its iOS Emoji and Font APK, which allows users to enhance their Instagram experience by incorporating new emojis and fonts.

The Instander iOS Emoji and Font APK are designed for both iPhone and iPad users who want to elevate their social media game. This innovative feature offers a unique way to express yourself through your posts, stories, comments, and direct messages on Instagram. With over 3,000 new emojis and 100+ fonts to choose from, you can truly unlock a world of creativity with this Instander iOS APK.  

The limited number of emojis available on the official Instagram app can feel restrictive at times. That’s where APK Instander comes in – it brings a vast collection of custom emojis ranging from cute animals to food items to pop culture references.

Additionally, the Instander iOS Emoji and font APK also offers an impressive selection of fonts that can bring variety and uniqueness to your text-based posts. From fancy cursive letters to bold typography styles – there’s something for everyone in this APK.

App Information Table

APK NameInstander iOS emoji APK
Size53 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited
Downloads2M +
Updated on2 January, 2024

Features of APK Instander iOS Emoji and Font:

From custom fonts to emojis and more, Instander APK offers a wide range of features that allow you to express your creativity and make your posts stand out.

Custom Font Option:

With this feature, users can choose from various fonts to use in their Instagram bio, captions, and comments. This adds a unique touch to your content and helps you stand out in the sea of similar-looking posts on Instagram. 

Vast Collection Of Emojis:

Instander is its vast collection of emojis, while the official Instagram app offers limited options for emojis, Instander provides an extensive selection, including some exclusive ones not found on other platforms.

Customization Option:

In the customization option, users can customize themes and layouts for the profile page. You can choose from various color schemes and layouts to give your profile page a personalized look that reflects your style.

Advanced Camera Controls:

In this feature Instander APK allows you to take high-quality photos directly within the app. You can adjust settings like exposure, IOS, white balance, and more before taking pictures or recording videos. This gives you more control over how your content looks without having to rely on external editing apps.

Download Media From Users Profiles:

This a unique feature of Instander ios Emoji and Font APK, the ability to download media from other users’ profiles anonymously. This feature of Instander comes in handy when you stumble upon an inspiring post or video but don’t want others to know about it through notifications or reposts. Instander APK allows you to save the media directly to your device without any trace, giving you a discreet way of saving content for future reference.

Ghost Mode:

The ghost mode feature is one of my best and favorite features in Instander iOS emoji APK because there are four options which are:

With this feature, you can maintain a sense of mystery while using Instagram online. Surprisingly, you can view someone’s stories without alerting them. A significant number of app users requested this sought-after feature.

Download Videos and Photos:

I am a big fan of Sapnasappu on Instagram.

She uploads regular content on her Instagram profile. Before using Instander APK iOS I couldn’t download any video or single Image from her profile. But now thanks to APK Instander I can download images and videos onto my device directly.

Quality Improvements:

To use this feature open the Instander app, go > to your profile > click on three dots > open Instander settings > scroll down to 

Quality Improvements > click on it, there you can ON > OFF the below options.

NO Advertisements:

This is my dearest and favorite feature while using Instander because I hate Ads.

By browsing the official Instagram feed there you will see Ads/sponsored posts more than real posts. Download Instander APK > open your account > go to privacy > open it and there you will see:

Just simply make the toggle OFF of the Display Ads.

Disable Auto-pay Video:

Many users don’t like Auto-play videos on Instagram, with the help of this APK we can disable the auto-play videos option OFF.

Simply open your Instander app > Go to profile > click on three dots > select Instander settings > scroll down to Feed & Stories > open it > 2nd option is Auto-play videos > make the toggle OFF.

Benefits of Using Instander iOS Emoji and Font APK:

Various advantages of downloading Instander iOS Emoji and Font APK.

How to Download and Install Instander APK:

Download a third-party app like Instander you need a trusted website like I have 7 years of experience in the APK field. My first priority is your privacy and your trust. Below I will give you a link from which you can download and Install the Instander APP.

NOTE: Before downloading this version you must uninstall the original Instagram app first.

Follow the below steps one by one to download and install Instander iOS Emoji and Font APK

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