Instander APK – Download Instander’s latest version for Android

Introduction to Instander APK:

Instander, Instamod, allows its users to download good and high-quality videos, photos, reels, and IGTV(Instagram TV). This modified version of APK also helps you to try some new amazing features, which include:




In the present digital time, Instagram is used as a common and popular network and one of the biggest entertainment sources throughout the world. Through Instagram, people get first-hand posts from their favorite celebrities and influencers. People share their stories and experiences through Instagram with their fans and lovers.

Like many other social networks, however, they lack a few small user-experience elements. As a result, developers typically create their workable versions of these apps, with the Instander APK appearing to be the greatest Instagram app substitute. This APK is the best alternative for the original Instagram.

What is Instander APK ?

Instander APK is an Instamod developed for Android devices that helps users get access to extra helpful features that can help in solving the above issues. This application allows you to access your Instagram account through its platform as an alternative to the main IG application. In return, you will get the ultimate social experience through its amazing features, independent of the official app.

The Instander APK developer ( Dimitry Garrilor ), has made it as safe as possible, and that guarantees users a great browsing experience without the risk of being banned by a mod, because of its efficient and professional anti-ban features come pre-installed.

Version information

App Name Instander
Version 18.0
Android 9.0+
Size 54MB
CPU Architecture ARM64-v8a
Developer TheDise
Updated On 12hrs Ago



The developer developed two apps with the same features, with the package name “” (referred to as the “clone” and another with the package name “com. insta” (referred to as the “unclone”).




Clone “com.Insta.Android:

                                             This version can be installed as a standalone application, meaning it can (coexist with the original Instagram app on the same device).

Users can install the clone version in the original Instagram app simultaneously, each working independently.



Unclone (com. Insta):

  This version, labeled “unclone”, has a different package name (com. insta).To install the version, users need to uninstall the original Instagram first.

Once the original app is uninstalled, users can install and use the unclone version.

                 DOWNLOAD UNCLONE

Instander APK Main Features

Let’s explain these features in detail.


Feeds and Stories:

feed & stories

Share fleeting moments with creative features and a visually appealing, swipe-friendly format.

Download photos and Videos:


 I like Mr. Beast’s videos, watching his videos is my daily routine on Instagram. I always want to download his videos into my Gallery, but I can’t do it in the official app.

Now I am using my favorite app (Instander app), and now I can download all my favorite videos onto my device, and I also can save posts of my favorite celebrities.

Ads Free Platform:


Is there any person in the entire world who likes to watch ads? I think your answer will be “NO”.

        Whenever we browse through Instagram feeds, we find sponsored ads. These ads are in video form or image form, and we can’t skip/stop these ads until they end.

But if you want an Ads-free platform, then install this app on your device, you will get an ad-free platform that allows you to view the important stuff on your feed alone. In this APK we can disable the Ads option in the privacy setting.

Customization Option:


In customization options, Instander allows users to customize some main functions/features. Users can change font size or can change font, theme, and color, which gives a unique look and feed.

Get Blue Tick:

blue tick icon

In the official Instagram app users can Buy a Blue Tick for their profile, but the blue tick is only visible for Instander users.

Data Saving Mode:

Data Saving

I have a small data/internet package, and millions of people have money problems and can’t pay/buy big internet packages. And they want to save their package data. Instagram has an Autoplay option that invests more data, but if you are a user of the Instander app, then you can Turn Off the Autoplay video option in settings.

View User Profile Picture In Full Size:

User Profile Picture

Personally, Gisele Bundchen is my favorite personality on Instagram, but when she changes her profile picture, and I want to see her new profile pic in full size without opening her profile I do it. While using this APK now I can see full-size profile pictures of every my favorite celebrity.

Through this feature, we can recognize any user profile easily, without opening has profile. Just take a long press on the user profile picture.



When it comes to privacy this APK is best known for its privacy measures, you can share your photos and videos without any fear. Instander has a secure platform in which we can share pictures and videos, and there are many backup options, so we should not worried about our chat and records.

Disable Story Flipping:

Story Flipping

Instander has many control options, so we can enable and disable many options and controls in this APK. We can disable the story-sharing option, by disabling this option no one can share your story with someone else.

Multi Launages Availability:

Multi Launages

This language is available in more than 25 languages like Arabic, English, Deutsch, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Italiano, and Francais.

Free APP:

Free APP

This app is free. You won’t pay anything to install or Download on a mobile device or a PC. There are many apps that we can’t install or download without paying, but this app is free.

Direct Message Option:

message icon

Like WhatsApp and Messenger, Instander apps have also the feature/option of sending messages directly, without using any third-party app.

HQ Media:

HQ Media

To maintain its standard value this app allows its users to save or share HQ Media through its platform. The developer does their best to help their users by Uploading high-resolution images and stories.

How To Download & Install Instander APK ?

To install and download this app, please follow these steps carefully.

For Android Device Users:

Android Device


For iPhone users:




For PC Users:


PC Users


How to use Instander APK?


After installation and downloading if you are facing an issue with using this app, then don’t be worried i am here, and I will tell you all the processes of using this.



Comparison between Instagram and Instander APK:



Here is a comparison table between these two apps


Features Instagram Instander APK
Official source Available on the App Store and Google Play Store Not available on the official App Store
Installation Directly from the App Store Side-loading APK from a third-party source
Account Required         ✔️           ✔️
Profile features Profile, Bio, Posts, Stories, Highlights Similar profile features with potential enhancements
Images/Videos Upload       ✔️           ✔️
Stories         ✔️           ✔️
Direct Message         ✔️           ✔️
Filters and Editing Built-in editing tools and filters Potential additional filters and editing options
Reels         ✔️         ✔️
IGTV       ✔️       ✔️
Ads       ✔️           ❌
Privacy       ✔️         ✔️



The Instander APK has a modified version of Instagram, where many features are updated and present in the new version. In this updated APK we can customize many options according to our needs. Here users have the right to disable story-sharing options, through this option, no one can share their story with others. Specially this app provides an ad-free platform for their users. Instander is 100% secure and safe, so this is the best alternative for Instagram.


Related FAQS

What is Instander?

Instamod which allows its users to upload and download high-quality videos, images, IGTV, and reels. Users of this app are also able to copy comments, bios, and descriptions. This app also provides an ad-free platform.


Is Instander APK safe ?

Yes, the Instander APK is 100% secure and safe.


Is Instander APK is Ad-free?

Yes, there are no sponsored ad posts in this APK.